My Jomo

My Jomo is the first smart connected and customisable badge that allows you to fully express yourself.

Thanks to its round HD screen, My Jomo displays real-time pictures or animated GIF sent from your smartphone or computer. It can communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth, or with any devices connected to the internet via wifi.


This small device will help you attract people, whether you are a seller or a minister. Perfect object to express yourself to your immediate surroundings, My Jomo is the absolute shy-breaker and connecting tool !

The core

Composed of aluminium and a silver magnetic ring, this smart badge has not ceased to surprise you.


Our Ultra High Definition screen displays stunning colourfull images.
Built with the lastest generation of state of first class components, my Jomo is ready for to amaze you. Its bluetooth and wifi chipset will allow you to control it from anywhere around the world! My Jomo is able to interact with almost anything.


You want to know what the jomo is made of?

No need to use a wire to transfer pictures onto the Jomo. You can use the bluetooth or wifi technology.
Magnetic clip
It never has been easier to clip the Jomo on your shirt or jacket. With its strong magnetic clip, you won't loose the Jomo nor crumple you clothe.
Quick charge
The technology used in the Jomo gives you a quick charge.
Why use an HD screen when you can have a UHD one? You will be amazed by the beauty of your pictures.
Long life
You need to use the Jomo for a full day of work? Don't worry about that! Our battery can.
Our dedicated app that will let you upload pictures on my Jomo is available on Android, IOS and Windows Phone.


We met a lot of amazing people along the road

Meet the team

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Enric cailleau



Florian Bénéjean



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From 199 / day / unit
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290 €
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